Blinders is a mobile application that offers a new version of blind dates for the activities, not the partner. A couple creates a profile and we give them a perfect date for their circumstances. We then give them directions but don't reveal the activity until the couple arrives. This allows couples to spend less time deciding on dates and more time being spontaneous with each other, as well as getting out of that boring routine many relationships are stuck in.


Glory Togas

Glory Togas is a product based company that is looking to make the classic toga a staple at colleges and sporting events across the nation. We do this by creating a community through two-piece colored togas and crowd sourced patches that allow you to show your uniqueness. Remember, everything is always more fun in a Toga.


Past CEO Startups




MobCraft is the world’s first crowdsourced brewery, founded in 2012 by Henry Schwartz, Andrew Gierczak and Giotto Troia. MobCraft uses crowdsourcing to generate ideas for and preorders of specialty beers packaged in 4 packs of 22oz bottles and distributed to customers in 34 states. MobCraft began producing beer in Madison, WI in June 2013. The company has operated in an extremely lean manner (self funded $30K).  Since June it has created a reputable brand, high quality beer, a recognized brand image, along with a large buzz around the concept. Wisconsin craft beers typically are not sold outside of the Midwest. MobCraft’s goal is to be a nationally recognized brand headquartered in the state of Wisconsin. We were named WI’s 2013 top new brewer by


Scanalytics Inc.


Scanalytics Inc. was founded in 2012 by Joe Scanlin and Matt McCoy. It began when Scanlin was shopping at a retail store and became interested in the methodologies in which companies with a physical footprint could understand human behavior.   “The orientation of how I was standing, how long I was there, what I was looking at, the time of day; this told a story that I was giving them but no one was tracking,” says Scanlin. 

It did not take long for a solution to come. Scanlin and McCoy set to work developing the first version of what is now known as the SoleSensor, an intelligent floor sensor that measures 100% of foot traffic in physical spaces, and also tracks behaviors such as engagement time, turnover, and patience rates. 

“This technology truly allows insight on how people move by monitoring the foot traffic instead of something personal,” states Scanlin. “Our tools help businesses understand key points such as how long someone was standing in front of a product, and how that relates to their level of interest in purchasing it.” 

Scanalytics has quickly gained its footing, being named as one of the top 10 tech booths at South by Southwest Interactive Trade Show this past March by Tech Cocktail and winning the IoT People’s Choice Award for best Connected Retail Application, and is looking forward to continued success.




MGDS is the biggest video game development conference in the Midwest that maintains quality in terms of speakers and experience, without breaking your bank in order to attend. We provide speaker presentations, panels, workshops, and an exhibition floor for attendees to learn new tools to improve themselves as game developers and to demo video games that their peers have been laboriously working on. You can experience an indie game success like Race the Sun, view cool student projects like Tetrapulse, chat with industry legends like Tom Hall, and bump elbows with developers from AAA studios like Volition to see if you have what it takes to make it in the industry, all wrapped up in an inviting environment for little cost to you.

This Summer, the MGDS will be working hard on obtaining high profile speakers and increasing the value to our attendees.  It should be a great year, one that will make it’s mark on the Midwest and the industry itself.

 MGDS business plan presentation


Hunt Butler

Hunt Butler 250ppi.jpg

Hunt Butler is a dynamic, informative, user-friendly, secure service where landowners and hunters can connect to facilitate hunting lease transactions. Hunt Butler breaks down land access barriers providing hunters with the opportunity to reconnect with mother nature. We were created on the founding notion that technology is ever evolving and must be leveraged to meet hunters' needs to ensure the viability of hunting as a sport. Hunt Butler placed 3rd at the CEO National Elevator Pitch Competition and also won the Warhawk Elevator Pitch Competition.